Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mystery Items, College Students and a Secret Picture

This is a hodge podge post just to give warning.

Over the past month a few mysteries have been going on at our house. One was a great magazine that Levi started receiving out of the blue. The other was a bag of clothes someone picked out for our "R" (daughter of promise) and left at our door. Just a few days ago we discovered that the thanks for the Highlights High Five magazine go to our friend Tracy. It was a Christmas gift...and we love reading through it each month. Thank you, friend! 

We still have yet to discover the mystery clothes giver but wanted to share that we love the clothes and that they should fit perfectly by the time R is home. Thank you, mystery giver, for helping us fill her empty closet. :)

Along with the mystery items a lot of other things have been going on around our campus lately. We made it through yet another RA retreat with Jason picking up four carts of food for the event and a new group bonding at Ms. Coleman's beautiful mountain house. Oh, Ms. Coleman. She blesses and blesses and blesses us. 

We made it back from retreat with the apartments filling back up quickly. The first few weekends of school Jason and the RAs planned weekend activities to engage students and encourage them to stay on campus (a problem on our small campus). The first weekend was our first annual Christmas tree burning and fireball juggling (you know, the usual) and then last night a movie night in the nearby dorm. Both were quite successful. And this coming weekend, a Superbowl party. 

For any pyrophobics, no appendages, building or other inanimate objects were burned that night. The RAs gave a talk on fire safety and explained some of the science behind applying fingernail polish to cotton balls then passed around the experiment. 

Mixed in with the welcome back activities was a great, great surprise for us. Our dear friend who is living and studying in Ch*na came home for a short trip to spend some needed time with family. We were so privileged to have her stay with us for 24 hours and catch us up on everything going on her new side of the world. She's now on a plane making her way back and we can share that we saw her on her not-widely-publicized trip home. :) 

And finally, we've been working on a special book that we'll send to R when we get word of passing our first clearances in India. We've taken several pictures for it and still have several to go before being finished and having our agency review it. Then we'll have it printed and translated into two other languages. Turns out our daughter spoke one language for the first six years of her life then started speaking a new one when she went to live with her foster family. Our book to her is supposed to be in all three languages...and with that news my hopes of learning some of her language got a lot more complicated. Here are a few pictures included in our book. These specific pictures are explaining that in our family we love each other no matter how we feel.

We'll share some of the pages when it's complete. If only our pictures back to her could bring as much joy as her 17 minute video keeps bringing us. We're working hard to send some joy back...

And so ends our random catch up. Thanks for reading and happy weekend!

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