Thursday, January 17, 2013

Milestones: I'm a Big Boy Now!

Starting around the middle of last month, big things have been happening in Levi's world. Here's a look inside our home lately.

Big Boy Bed. As we mentioned in last post we opted to move Levi out of a crib straight to a lofted twin bed. It's the best use of space in his little room. Jason built it in our friend's huge workshop. {Thank you Schaupps!} The slide and rail extension have been great additions. We're all sleeping better, and Levi has a playground in his room. Living in student apartments with no room for a swing set outside, it's a fun alternative. Levi's already mastered sliding on his knees, belly and bottom. 

Language. While Levi's language keeps exploding, we're now having to make decisions on how to reign it in. And to be honest after Levi yelled out to the front desk (male) librarian Little Critter poo poo naked, his FAVORITE made up phrase in the whole world, some words have been marked as bathroom-only words. Little Critter poo poo naked would be five such words. We have yet to go to the bathroom in public (it will be interesting and embarrassing I'm thinking) but so far this restriction is working well....except for the times Levi starts listing off the words he's only allowed to say in the bathroom. He reasons it's okay to say them anywhere if he adds with his finger wagging and eyebrows raised, "No say. Only in de baf-foom."

Gum chewing. While in Lowe's in December we gave Levi a tiny piece of gum and he chewed it thirty minutes before spitting it out. Since that day the few times he's had gum...he never swallows. 

Devos. We're trying each morning after getting dressed and making beds to read together. Since I'm such a big fan of the One Year Bible, Levi got this book for Christmas. It goes through the entire Bible with very simple lessons. So far not much has registered with him, he's more interested in the pictures, but we are just beginning. We also have the INCREDIBLE Jesus Storybook Bible that will be great for Sister when she comes home and for Levi in a few years.

And, Potty training. We've had our suspicions that Levi was ready and for the last two days have been in training. We went through every pair of training pants we own Tuesday...but yesterday, he turned pro. We're really proud. I never thought we'd celebrate refuse so enthusiastically.

Special thanks to Mrs. Karis for giving us the froggy potty way back when training seemed forever away for our 7 lb. boy and to Michelle for Sister's new elephant, Ellie Heehee, that helped with potty training
For those reading who haven't had the joy of this training, one thing we'd change is the treat Levi gets after staying dry each time. Who knew he'd be going every 20 minutes and mowing through treats so quickly? Sour gummy worms are being heavily consumed at our house and only sometimes strategically alternated with apple crisps. ;) So this morning baby worms appeared (sour gummies cut into thirds) and he's just as happy eating the baby ones as the full size. :) While it's overwhelming reading all of the training strategies out there, we found the one listed in this book to be concise and effective. Thought I'd share for anyone wanting to tuck that away for the future.

Tomorrow, after the rain leaves us and we have another training day under our belts, we're hoping for a trip to the store. A new Thomas and Friends train is on the way after the week's accomplishments. :) 


The Frisk Five said...

Good Job Big Man, My princess had the same potty.

Auburn said...

That loft bed with a slide is amazing! What a cool room he has! ...and we just started giving Jude gum too. It's so cute to watch him smack his gum. :)