Wednesday, January 30, 2013

College Life and a Load of Poo

I feel like I need to give a disclaimer for this post. So, if you have an aversion to poop or are etiquette conscious, might not want to read this one. :)

Tonight we hosted an apartment group for dinner. Hosting has been our number one way to connect with students living in our community. Some nights have been filled with chatter and some have been like playing twenty questions. Tonight was all guys and full of chatter. 

It should be no surprise that after burgers and fries the conversation turned to the unconventional topic of poop. Everything started after we had a chat with Levi along the lines and it carried forward. 

When Jason was in college, prank wars abounded. Since then, and partially because of this story I'm about to tell, prank wars aren't allowed on our campus. It's sad because pranking can be fun. But often, pranks get out of hand quickly. 

Jason told the story tonight about being in college with a student who pranked his friends by pooping in their sink. Disgusting, right?! So when his friends wanted to get him back with a fitting payback, they challenged him to a chugging contest. And as he "won" the contest he also unknowingly ingested a bottle full of laxative. If he wanted to poop, his friends would help him. And the chugging ordeal almost cost him his healthy intestinal track. Things weren't the same for over a year. (It's okay to laugh. You know it's funny!)

The guys around the table were VERY amused. And I'll confess their comments were f-u-n-n-y! When I was in school I experienced pranks gone wrong too. One Sunday morning I woke up to find a baby goat on my hall that peed all over the carpet when a groggy girl screamed, startled by his bleating. I carried him all the way back across campus to a very worried owner and never found who the "kidnappers" were.

Since those days, pranks on our campus haven't been so exciting. There's always the usual soap suds in the fountain or words written on every car on campus, but nothing like the poop stories or bleating goats or plastic cows on rooftops. Those were the days! ...well, kind of. The pooping in the sink stuff is still disgusting. 

We had a great time reminiscing prank stories tonight...and I thought I'd give you a peek into our life on a college campus. Lovin' our hosting nights...the over-the-top laughing ones and the twenty questions ones too.