Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Cartoon Series: Introducing

I asked Jason if I could share this...because it was too embarrassing at the time not to be redeemed with a retelling when it actually could be funny. For as often as he says I'm a cartoon character, he has his own animated way of being funny.

From two weeks ago:

We both were interested in hearing some Indie Folk musicians coming to our campus a few weeks ago so we planned to go and stand at the back for a few minutes with Levi. But when Jason's parents stopped by and offered to keep Levi for a bit, we jumped at the chance for a thirty minute, free date. Walking over Jason talked about his intense craving for a Bojangles chicken biscuit (random, since it's something he's rarely ever had) or for anything that might be the perfect mix of protein and carbs. He was hungry. We agreed he could go find food after our thirty minute getaway. 

On our way to the concert we spotted a propped door to a room located just beside where the band was playing. Going through the open door meant we wouldn't have to walk up a hill to the building's front doors and down the stairs to the concert. It was a welcomed shortcut. 

Slowly we walked through the door we assumed full of extra musical paraphernalia but instead of finding cords and amps and lights, the room was lined on one side with silver serving dishes full of food that the band had either just finished or that they would be enjoying after the concert. I eyed Jason with a hurry-up-so-you-won't-be-tempted look. Rushing through to the hallway I turned back to see Jason lifting a silver lid. He'd glanced too long. Like Edmund and his turkish delight from the White witch, the food got him. Jason quickly scooped up a roll and began filling it with a thick slice of ham with two bites already missing when he made it to me. Walking into the hallway I heard a familiar voice and recognized it as the head chef. Turning around in a panicked whisper I said, hide the biscuit...  But, it was too late. Jason's stuffed cheek would've given him away anyway. The chef looked at us and said, hello, when Jason whipped the ham-filled biscuit from his back and smiled. He and Jason exchanged laughs while I booked it out of the awkwardness.

After finishing the last of his snack, we slipped in the back row. By the first song's end Jason was already deciding the music of the evening wasn't much to his liking but agreed to stay through two more songs with me. The good news is that his stomach was satisfied which meant no need to go buy food :)

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