Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas morning Levi did find the baby in the manger. He ran excited to tell us and obviously relieved that his whole manger scene was finally complete. For all of December he was troubled that there was no Jesus. 

The days before and after that morning have been full. First with four little ones four and under, then with last minute gifts, and now, with family. It is our third time in six years celebrating a new tradition of giving the gift of time to our families. A day or so after Christmas we all ride up to the mountains and spend a few days in a cabin together. This year we all split the costs and found a great getaway for two nights. Tomorrow we return and hopefully find a little snow has fallen during the night to add to the scenery on our drive home. But snow or no, we won't leave without our traditional trip to the best pancake house in the world (in my very humble, limited pancake-house-sampling opinion). 

I've been taking lots of pictures to share in the coming days and I'll make sure to include a few of any snow we might manage to find tomorrow. :) Everyone is asleep now, some snoring, so I'm heading to join them. Thanks for stopping by. More pictures and words to come soon. 

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The Frisk Five said...

Were you in Gatlinburg this weekend? We were in Pigeon Forge, tried to venture down to Gatlinburg, but the traffic was too crazy. Love you guys!