Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mutiny and Maturing

We've been on a semi-intentional mutiny against social media lately. Sometimes we hate how attached we've become to our phones and how social media has taken higher priority over simply talking, eyeball to eyeball, and paying full attention to the people and child in need of our attention. Two weeks ago we saw four girls sit at the same lunch table only to keep their faces buried in their phones not saying one word to the flesh and blood people sitting in front of them. Add to that a close friend who shared something big on her Facebook page but didn't say a word when we sat talking for two hours. Thus the mutiny against this life-sucking phenomena that's been trying to suck us in too. We're still trying to find a good balance. If you've found one, do share!

With that said, we do have a good bit to share in the next few days. Levi's been his usual fun self with a little defiance mixed in. We're entering a time of thinking through discipline methods that help us attach to his heart while teaching him consequences for actions. Even with discipline challenges, he's still the best little monkey(s) in the world (his new favorite book). How to savor every moment with our very funny blondie since we can't pause time? We've caught a few videos that we're working into a video montage of our little entertainer. We'll share tomorrow evening. 

I just got back in tonight from a weekend celebrating the big 3-0 for my cousin. When did thirty become a year of doom and gloom? Lots of comments came about it being all down hill from here. Really? My thirties have been the best yet (glasses and all)...and I challenged her that hers can be too. It's all in the perspective!

Yeah, she only looks 18.

During the many driving hours I discovered that even at my sleepiest, sunflower seeds are magic seeds for staying awake. If the mental process of moving unopened seeds across the palate doesn't keep you alert, the supercharge of make-your-tongue-numb salt will. Along the way I also discovered another incredible benefit of the seeds but that story will have to come with the next Cartoon series post later this week. :) You'll never believe it!

If you do give yourself some time on social media tomorrow, make sure to check out the latest of Levi. His dancing skills and storytelling won't disappoint!

Happy sleeping

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