Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcoming Moses

Levi and I are away from home this week with some exciting responsibilities. Long ago when Jason and I were in college we became friends with Travis and Amanda separately. Amanda was on a ministry team with me and later on a team with Jason. The first time Jason ever rode with me, before we declared our love, was to take some food to Amanda when she was sick.

The four of us have been in each other's weddings, visited each other when we were living overseas and made many trips to see each other now that we're all back stateside. And now, Levi and I, minus Jason :(, get to celebrate another milestone with them. Monday they welcomed their third baby, Moses Brandon, into the world.

Levi and I have the high honor this week of hanging out with their other two littles during Moses' birth and hospital stay. That means three kids, three and under in my care. Thankfully every night, with the help of their Nana, all three have gone to bed clean and well fed with eyes and appendages all in tact. Things are going well! :)

I was making a goofy sad face at them hoping they'd smile. Noah mimicked, Norah prepared and Levi wondered what in the world I was doing.

Thankfully, everything at the hospital is going well too and tomorrow they head home. We've look forward, every day, to our hospital trips to see them. And, since we've made it through survival mode, today we ventured out to the hospital then to the mall for ballet class followed by a picnic. :)

More pictures to come tomorrow. Now sleep is calling. I think I earned a good slumber tonight between the three sweet, energetic monkeys, a double, uncooperative BOB stroller and lots of meals and diaper changes.  

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