Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top Ten

 We're back from our little cabin in the woods at the end of a great getaway with our crew of five. Since so many pictures and things have happened in the last few weeks, I thought I'd scale back to the top ten stories with pictures.  

10. We, Jason and I, had a deal. Levi was my baby until age two. After that Jason could start the roughing up and treating him like a boy. The roughing up has begun and oh, my heart!

Courtesy of Alicia Tegen Photography

9. Glasses, ugh! They came in yesterday and I'm adjusting to life stuck behind a few inches of glass. Sorry I can't be more positive about it. It's a real adjustment to this new, sad reality. After about 100 pairs and four different eye stores, this was as good as it was getting. 

8. This picture makes me laugh. While six of us spent some time doing an ab workout during retreat, Jason read Time magazine and fell fast asleep. I love that he's unscathed by peer pressure. 

7. This was life last week with another little one on the side. In this picture we were watching Norah at ballet. This lasted about three minutes before they were wiggling for freedom.

6. Last week our backyard was completed with a fire pit envisioned by Jason. Using a few supplies from Lowe's and the rest from the woods, he constructed a place we hope will be used a lot this Fall and Spring.

5. This boy has character. And what an awesome job our cousin did of capturing it when we were on a hike with family a few weekends ago.

Photo courtesy of Alicia Tegen Photography

4. We loved getting to break in the fire pit with some forty apartment residents.

3. New life is inspirational and miraculous. I was honored to be so close to a family bonding and couldn't help think about the bonding that is to come with our little girl. We are prayerful she is safe and has made it to the orphanage as we wait for word of a match.

2. The highlight of RA retreat was stories. Each person shared their own story of family and faith and school. It was powerfully bonding and encouraging. How honored Jason and I are to be living among these five.

1. How could this not be my favorite picture from the last few weeks? This face is a sweet intermingling of my lips and ears with Jason's hair and blue eyes. How fitting that his name means attached. He is a treasure given to us to steward together. Many thanks to Alicia for taking and sharing it.

Photo courtesy of Alicia Tegen Photography

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 NLT


Kindel said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE your glasses! You look so sophisticated! :)

Love these pictures of Levi. He's the cutest!

The Frisk Five said...

Absolutely love all the pictures. Love your glasses, they actually look exactly like mine. Little man is so stinkin cute. Children truly are a gift from God. Our doctor has decided that we will meet Addison Oct. 17. Please keep us in your prayers. Love you guys.

Peter and Nancy said...

That first photo is heart-stopping!! But very fun for your boys . . .

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! I am always so happy to be in touch with another India family -- and I sent you an e-mail with a few details and questions!