Sunday, October 28, 2012

In the Meantime..

It's Saturday now, almost Sunday. What an insane week! Thank you to those who have whispered up prayers for us. There have been many moments this past week when we were beside ourselves with wonder at the things unfolding. While we are so, so anxious to share here, it will have to be a while longer before it can be shared on such an accessible public domain. Rats! But email, now that's a different story...and we've been blowing it up!

On Thursday Jason turned 29 and we celebrated in many ways with one being a  surprise party thrown by family. It marked a memorable day that we'll look forward to sharing in the month to come. We do want to take the opportunity to say that God is good and detailed in his gifts to his children. His generosity in providing our every, unspoken need has astounded us this week and we feel that he has taught us yet again that he is completely trustworthy. Sometimes in the silence or times of tragedy we wonder if we can ever trust him. We have witnessed his faithful hand and are standing as heralds of loud praise admonishing you to trust through the dark, silent times.

To give some specific updates from life lately, last weekend we fell into bed after a full day of selling that netted a $700 profit from lots of $1, $2 and $0.50 items. Then, this weekend came in with a blur as it's Homecoming here. Presidential inauguration events were completed Friday and this morning started with a 5k race that Jason beasted and I completed. Not training will do that to ya. But, hooray anyway! All feeling has returned to my limbs and I survived. 

The day was completed with a victory by our men's soccer team and dear friends dropping by our place carrying a Folgers coffee can. Inside was a collection of money they made selling canned drinks during the evening's events. They stood for hours the whole night all to give us money for our  adoption. We are blown away. What do you say to a gift like that? The words still haven't come to us. 

Tonight we crawl in bed with full, thankful hearts. 

There is more to come this week- a funny story from our Cartoon Series and maybe a few more specifics in ways to pray. Stay tuned... 

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