Thursday, September 6, 2012

Walking by Faith in an Orphanage Match

I was at a consignment sale a year ago and just before I left I found a little picture book about India. It quickly became a treasure and the very first thing I bought for our daughter. The book starts like this:
In a little city in the heart of India there was a big park called the Lal Bagh...
Yesterday, we found out that in this city with the big park and cute fictitious sheep a little girl is waiting to become a Tegen. We have been matched with an orphanage in the state of Karnataka.

Grateful, shocked and processing are words to describe us yesterday and today. We are one step closer to our daughter, but we will not be traveling to Kolkata like we thought. As best we understand, she is far, far away from the place I visited in May. We should be honest and say we are surprised and going through a bit of mourning over what we thought would be. But with every paper we've sent our prayers that God would direct our journey. And, we trust him in this new, unexpected twist. We are thankful. As it's turning out, our new orphanage is somewhere quite incredible even if it's not close to Kolkata.

Some time back I worked with a friend who adopted from India. She was the one who told us last August that India had changed their whole adoption system and this summer traveled with her family to India for an internship. When Team India and I were on our way back from Kolkata on new tickets, we ran into her family in the German airport. They were heading over for their summer serving at an orphanage and we got to pray for them as our paths crossed going to and from India. 

Yesterday, I discovered that this sweet family spent their entire summer not at just any of the hundreds of orphanages in India but at OUR DAUGHTER'S ORPHANAGE. Out of all of the places they could have worked, their love was quite possibly poured out on our daughter and her friends.

How thankful we are to know that this family was there and that it is a place where Christians are overseeing the children's care. And, what a gift that our daughter should be familiar with foreigners visiting often and even speaking in southern accents. :) That truly encourages my heart.

As you can imagine, this assignment and the news that our dossier should be sent to India as soon as possible has caused a scramble to get our documents in the mail. We spent the majority of the day today working on it. Tomorrow I hope to show you a big accomplishment and give a good glimpse into what's involved in adopting internationally. There'll even be a funny purse story thrown in the mix.

Jason and I both thank you for any whispered prayers for us as we continue to surrender all of this new, unexpected information and for preparations in sending everything to Virginia. 

Looking forward to sharing pictures, stories and big accomplishments tomorrow!

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