Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hip, Hip Hooray, Goodbye Doh-see-ay

Are we really already at the point that we have an orphanage and we're sending all of our paperwork to Indian officials? It's so hard to believe. Of the six "simple" steps in adopting from India, we are here:

Choose an Adoption Service Provider 
{Apply to be Found Eligible to Adopt} 
Be Matched with a Child
Apply for the child to be found Eligible for Adoption
Adopt the Child (or Gain Legal Custody) in India
Bring Your Child Home

The dossier (doh-see-ay) is a specific group of documents (16 in our case) that all have to be notarized and then apostilled (app-o-steeled). And while apostilling sounds fancy, it's simply the Secretary of State's office stamping each document to say that, indeed, the notary is a legitimate person authorized to vouch for signatures and official documents. We had all of ours certified yesterday without a hitch. I floated out of the building overwhelmingly grateful for American systems that are dependable and speedy!

Today I made 360 copies and glued pictures of our family and house. Levi is so glad it's all done and Jason and I are too. Here's what's headed to India:

Birth certificates, marriage certificate, passport copies, physician's letters, financial forms, tax returns, a bank statement, employer letter, three references, home study, police clearance, family photos and a big, fat check

We still lack our clearance from Immigration but are told we'll send the other information to get our orphanage started working and then follow up with our clearance letter. Just yesterday we went for fingerprints.

{Enter funny purse story}

As with many government buildings, we were greeted by security guards and asked to step through metal detectors. Levi didn't know he was creating a security hazard when he ran through the detector without being asked. After we got him back in arms, we shoved all of our stuff into those beloved grey bins and each took turns making sure we weren't a treat to the lady who would roll our fingers across glass. We were deemed safe but my purse raised questions. If you looked in my purse you'd know why. As the security officer pulled open my bag I chuckled to myself because I knew what he was getting into. He rummaged through crayons, wart pads and other muck. About 30 seconds in he mumbled, "It was the book" and wiped his hand off as he handed back my purse. The book, my Bible, apparently caused suspicion. I understand it's a weapon and threatening to many, but Jason and I laughed in the car because we knew the truth. The officer had to pick some object, any object, to give him a reason to get his hand out of that rat's nest. The Bible just happened to be the biggest object, we guessed. :)

So tonight here's what's next. First, we wait for word that our agency approved everything and then that our orphanage has received it. 

Cue the fireworks and feet propping....and grant applications and yard sale prep. 

Our pictures and every detail of our lives are India bound! Hip, hip hooray!


Auburn said...

Goodbye Dossier!! The Hutson's are rejoicing with you!

The Frisk Five said...

So super excited for you. Continually praying as this process moves forward until you hold your little girl in your arms. Love you guys!