Tuesday, August 21, 2012

They Said Yes

India said yes and we are on the road to being matched with an orphanage. We found out yesterday. I called our agency to check and was told that just five minutes prior our names had come through showing our approval. I sobbed with gratitude for God bringing us to this new step. 

The decisions being made in the next few weeks have BIG BIG BIG implications for where our daughter is from and how quickly we will be matched with our waiting child. Pray like the dickens with us for God to guide the decisions and paperwork right to the doorsteps of the orphanage where our sweet one sleeps. I've shared before where I believe the Lord has said she is. Now I pray he guides the authorities who are in charge of this big decision. We are told we could have word within two weeks but it could take even up to a month. Either way, it's not very long and a lot of paperwork has to be finished and ready to send when we are matched.

Recently I've read some posts that have rocked me and some that have encouraged me (x2). But as I've processed again why we are doing this, I have been so reassured that while international adoption is not the ultimate solution for every child, for some it is. We have been following, as best we know how, God's leading to one such child. 

{Some reading might scoff, even if subconsciously, that we would claim to hear the voice of God. I've heard stories recently of Christians who are offended by those who say they hear God speak to them. One mother recently commented to her son that prayer is when people think they are talking to a supreme being. To all of this I would say-- I never understood the term having a personal relationship with Jesus until I asked him to teach me the sound of his voice. Jesus reassured us that his sheep know his voice (John 10:27). I have found that even ordinary people like me can seek the Creator to find His heart turned to them, willing to speak. And when He speaks, a hunger begins. To know his plans. To know his directives for every day. Peace comes when every step is not dictated by us alone but by God to sees on a grander scale where every step is leading.}

Look forward to sharing in the coming weeks her orphanage and the next steps! Thank you for believing and praying along.


Kindel said...

Even though we believe and have faith in the incredible things God can do, in our human-ness, it's so easy to still be almost surprised by what He's done. Tonight, as I read your post, I'm so amazed by God's faithfulness. I love you guys so much and can't wait to hear more!

And literally 15 minutes ago, I was reading Jen Hatmaker's post from today thinking, "I can't wait to pass this link on to Kelley!" Ha! I came to your facebook page to do just that and saw the link to your blog!

Praying with you!!!

Erin Tolan said...

So amazing guys! Mark and I will be praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. Loved your comments about hearing the voice of God. Amen to that! We are on the same journey as you, only in your old city. Gillian