Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Weeks in Pictures

Last Friday our student resident assistants arrived. Jason has worked tirelessly this summer to transform the common outdoor areas where we live. Living here is almost officially in full swing. RA Retreat is now over with the exception of one last wrap-up meeting tomorrow night before new students arrive on Friday. For the first time since being here we won't be in charge of welcoming them. But, we're thrilled with our new role. Returning students to the apartments should arrive Saturday. It feels so good to be ready for a new year. 

Here are a few snapshots of the past two weeks that we've missed out on sharing along with a few updates in the mix.

Time at the pool during our trip to a family reunion
With the grandparents celebrating a birthday and anniversary...and celebrating finally making it to a family birthday with a nicely thought out and wrapped gift.

Lunch with Papa

Praying over dear friend Amanda who is now on the other side of the planet following Jesus' call

And speaking of the other side of the planet, no news yet from India. Today marked two weeks from our home study submission in India and we are hopeful to get an update soon. Until then, things are rolling right along with clearance from Immigration, apostilles and final dossier building. We'll explain these terms in later posts but for now they just mean...all is coming together. :)
At the Indian restaurant before Amanda headed out

RA retreat is training but fun is always mixed in in heavy doses. Included in that was chocolate fondue, homemade ice cream, hiking to a waterfall and solo time in the woods. 

Levi enjoyed retreat immensely. This was how he enjoyed trail mix at the falls. 


And, a shot of the team minus a few people. Ms. Coleman on the bottom row blesses us each retreat by welcoming us to her home in the mountains. We, in turn, offer her lots of entertainment...and somehow manage to break at least one thing every time we're there. She's so gracious to us. Many, many blessings to our dear Ms. Coleman for loving us, brokenness and all.


Finally, I'll leave you with a video. This is how I found Levi one night as I was searching the house for him to go to bed. Needless to say, it took a while for him to settle down being the center of attention. I thought so many times during retreat about how thankful I am for the way our students love Levi. What a bonus work with students who give back so richly in return!

Happy Thursday to you!

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