Friday, August 17, 2012

Deals and Steals

For the past four years this particular Friday morning was filled with new names, signatures and key assignments. This morning was so different. We went yard sale shopping, baked brownies and delivered goodies to those in the thick of learning names and assigning keys at our "old house" as Levi calls it.

Who knew the morning could be so productive? For some time I've been working to decorate our third bedroom for our daughter. The hope is to have everything done before we send pictures of the house in our dossier to India. And, while I've tried to decorate on a penny budget, I've secretly drooled over a few things I'd love to put in her room. Too bad tastes and budgets don't often match. This particular canvas has had me wishing for a while now.

But I never could pay $130 so I resigned myself to wait for some inspiration to hand make something or find a cheaper alternative. Little did I know I'd find something today so closely related that would match the price tag I needed. I could not believe it when we arrive at a local yard sale and got five things for the price of not even one. 

Cows were hanging out a few feet away from us along with a parade of other barn yard animals. Levi thought he'd especially made this trip for him to see the farm! After enjoying a playful gray cat and lots of calves, we shopped. At the bottom of a bin Levi found his treasure. In the beginning of June Jason, as he always does, found a DEAL on a Thomas wooden train set. After we kept the pieces we wanted, a full Thomas track with some thirty trains, we sold the rest on Craigslist leaving our total spent on Thomas trains at zero. Zero! Someone gave us a train table, thank you Becky, and we splurged on a train house for $9 at Walmart. Then today, Levi found this little car.
The name on the bottom of the car made us think it went with our wooden railway set. And when we got home, we found it did. Levi scored his treasure for free!! It's listed on Amazon for $40 new! Woohoo!

But, more unexpected treasures awaited. On a table with gold sconces and random books was a folded wall canvas. This wall canvas. The state version of the ABC canvas I've been drooling over.

This print sells online for $126. I knew that but I only had $10 cash with no idea what they'd be asking for it. "How about a dollar," the seller asked. Do you have any idea how much you paid for this, I wondered then replied, "That's great, thank you." 

This Land is Your Land. How perfect! Yes, I believe that's even sweeter than the one I'd picked out online. India will always be her land and now she will have 50 new states to call her own too. 

In total we spent three dollars. Well under budget. I got two new shirts, one with tags still attached, and an awesome wall mural. Levi got a free trip to the farm, one mini skateboard, one rare Thomas car and a silver matchbox truck. 
It made for an exciting start to our student-filled day.

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