Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Cartoon Series: Burned Bread

Here's the latest issue from The Cartoon Series.

Wednesday morning we upheld our usual family tradition of running out the door late. It's pretty much, single-handedly, always my fault. But, for the blog record, Wednesday Jason stepped out last. Only because he was opening all the windows in the house per my request. 

Tuesday night we attempted Indian "poori" and I filled the house with such a terribly thick grease smell that we had to air out the whole place. I was swearing up and down Wednesday morning when I woke to that dreadful smell that I'd never fry one single thing in my house for as long as we live here. 

This is how it was supposed to look
The online tutorial made it all look ridiculously easy. Never trust those perfect little pictures. My bread flattened and fried instead of floating and puffing. And oh how my mouth was watering for that perfect, puffy Indian bread. But because we had company, we ate the flat fried stuff instead. Thick, smoky atmosphere and all. :) I was super thankful for Trader Joe's masala sauce that saved my neck. That stuff is amazing!

So my lesson Tuesday night was two-fold:

1.  Never mix two types of oils. They smoke at different temperatures. Should've known.

2. Don't try new things when company is coming. Or, at least try it the day before. That should give enough time for the smoke to clear. :)

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