Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photobucket, Finally

The things to share keep stacking up. So before we have more beach pictures, I hoped to share the first. 

This week has been busy already. Meetings and projects for Jason while Levi and I made an impromptu trip to Alabama. This morning reminded me of a great DirectTV commercial. I'll share the play-by-play later in the week complete with puppy pictures and all. Especially now that photobucket is cooperating. Fingers crossed. 

The Beach:

The beach was crowded. We tend to run from crowds but there was just enough space for everyone to have their own waves. 

Levi's first time being covered with sand. He usually only likes being clean but this time he obliged and gave some instructions. He's talking so much these days!

This is how he felt about the water this year!

Hangin' out at my parents

What an awesome picture if I hadn't just accidentally hit him with the camera and left a red mark. :( 

This is the dirt road leading to the church I grew up going to. The invisible guests in every south Georgia picture are the sand gnats. This time Levi was getting tired of them.

Enjoying the church playground with MiMi

When people ask how old he is they always say he's big for two. While I usually don't think so, he looks it in this picture.

- - -

Now to bed to rest up for lots of catching up and house cleaning. A blog clean-up is on the docket so check back Friday to see how we've spruced up the place. 

Happy early Wednesday to you!

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The Frisk Five said...

Wow, he's looking so much older. It's so amazing how fast they grow. You should see Bryson now. He will turn 8 in about 2 weeks.