Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Mountain that Moved: An Adoption Update

On Friday Jason packed up with his brothers and headed for a night of camping. It was time to deliver on our birthday present to Jason's youngest brother for a mountain camping trip. The rest of the Tegen crew would join on Saturday.
The rock throwing competition
To be a Tegen means you will do some hiking and that translates to visiting some amazing places. Picnicking and staying at nice hotels are involved too. :)

Levi loved it. We all did. And Jason and I were quite a bit lighter hiking up these new mountains because something big happened on Friday afternoon.

I love these boys! They had matching sunglasses too! 

We finally got the email we've been waiting for. According to the U.S. Consulate in Azerbaijan: 
There is no separate department which registers child abuse cases in Azerbaijan. All child abuse cases and other crimes are registered by theMinistry of Internal Affairs and are included in the general police certificate.
This was followed by the official green light from immigration and there we have it-- we are back on go and free of needing a child abuse clearance from AZ.

The mountain fell out from under our feet...and excited relief has swept over us. We serve a mountain mover!! Thank you for joining us in prayer! He has done a precious thing for us! 

And, hal-le-stinkin'-lujah, we're moving again! :)

On the way home from the mountains yesterday I tried to read as much as the curvy roads would allow. Jason and I have four books to finish and some time next week we'll have our final home study. Things are moving, finally. And we're so, so thankful they are.

Tomorrow we head out to family in the swamp lands of Georgia. Hurray!! We'll look forward to sharing our favorite pictures of independence day celebrations...and maybe a little progress report on the bazillion pages we're devouring in-between. 


The Frisk Five said...

I am so excited for you all and continuing to pray. So incredibly sad that we are not going to GA for the 4th. We will miss you all. Please tell everyone hello.

Tetya Katya said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! Praise God for this answered prayer!