Friday, July 27, 2012


In two months time Levi has had the official language explosion. He can share most anything on his heart...even puffing air through his lips and shaking his head when he thinks something is silly or can't find the words. For example, this was his communication the beginning of June:

And this is an unedited version of his communication now, the end of July:

He is a JOY! Often we shake our heads at how precious a gift we've been entrusted with. 


This weekend we took him to an old mill that is open every third Saturday of the month. We got fresh ground wheat and grits. And, we learned a whole lot about sock making, butter churning, quilting and lye soap. 


Also last week we had the treat of going with the grandparents to a baseball game. Levi loved the Chick-fil-a cow (he's a fan...and we're totally supporting them in this crazy discrimination ordeal) and of the frog characters that were parading around. Here's him and Uncle Travis discussing the last few innings....not really. :)


What precious days these are getting to hear him squeal at tickles, declare to the library staff mama pooped, go crazy over rain puddles and insist on having his boo bah-bus (blue paci). I'm learning slowly about being a good mom and I've got the most precious, patient teacher.

I'm hoping to find some time in the coming week to share a few of our favorite products and books in the journey of parenting and hopefully get some of your wisdom. There are so many awesome things we've loved and I'm sure you have some of your own.

Also, we have so many, many other challenges, soap box stories, and adoption updates to give. Keep watching for them as we try to find time between Levi's sleeps in the next few days to share them.  


Auburn said...

We loved watching these videos. Jude was talking and responding to Levi the entire time. :) And what I noticed mostly was your accent! :) I'm going to read your blog now with your southern accent from now on.
...looking forward to more updates!

Martin LaBar said...

Treasure these times!