Friday, July 6, 2012

Down Home

{Forgive us. We're experimenting with uploading from photobucket. We're working out the bugs...and just want to share tonight...bugs and all. :}

We made it to Georgia Tuesday night just in time for some suppertime comfort food. Jason crashed early on the couch (comfort food will do that to ya) and we finally all settled in with that Christmas eve feeling in the air (at least for me). Lots and lots of family were coming July 4th. Family we hadn't seen in almost ten years. And...we were celebrating freedom. The gift of living in a country where we enjoy so many luxuries including free enterprise, the right to vote and relative safety. And we were frying, everything. It's a fourth family tradition.

:) Our sweet Tex

Starting the fries

Gotta love a man in an apron

It's so, so good to be with family. Where everyone has the same blood running through their veins and even though you haven't seen each other in ions, there's a connection, like it or not. Coming home to family is good for the soul.

(Abandoned ship with photobucket at this point...)

The siblings: Uncle Keith, Aunt C and Dad
Some of the ten kiddos
We missed many. Like Erica, James and crew who I kept hoping would pull up in the driveway any minute. The hills of Kentucky didn't release them. And Paul and Elizabeth and Jim... But here was the crew who could make it to the rich reunion that didn't end until 9 o'clock that night.

The next day we drove down with some to see the ocean. You can smell the ocean air at my parents most mornings so we always try to visit the beach when we're here. And this time Jason understood why people like the place. Riding the waves with a two year old is amplified fun!

{Photos to come when photobucket is mastered.}

The other time has been quiet and sweet and buried in books. We're making progress. One and a half down. Two and a half to go. 

Tonight, my cousin Elizabeth came to plan for sharing about India at church Sunday and tomorrow, besides pool time, we'll head out to see my cousin starring in the local play. 

But tonight, we're watching Duck Dynasty for the first time. Feels like home. 

Hope you had a great 4th and an exciting weekend ahead. 

Beach pictures, book reviews and more updates to come.

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The Frisk Five said...

Oh I so badly wanted to be there. We thought about you guys all day. We really miss everyone so much. :)