Friday, July 20, 2012

Don't Wake Up Uncle Tony

If you've ever seen those great Directv commercials you know how crazy the connections are that lead them to the end warning. Like, "Don't wake up in a roadside ditch," or "Don't sell your hair to a wig shop." My warning Monday morning was "Don't procrastinate. You'll wake up Uncle Tony!" What messes I've gotten myself into from this bad habit of procrastination. Sometimes, the messes have humor and sometimes they have tears. Jason often calls me a cartoon character because of the ridiculous things that happen. So, while I'm learning this lesson of planning ahead and doing things well, I'll share some bloopers along the way. Maybe I'll call it The Cartoon Series.

Cue Monday's commercial.

When you leave quickly for a trip you hadn't planned or packed for you stop and buy your toddler chocolate milk for a treat.
When you buy chocolate milk, you and your toddler get little sleep.

When your toddler gets little sleep, he wakes up early.

When he wakes up early you go outside so he won't wake Uncle Tony. 

When you go outside to not wake Uncle Tony, you remember you need to start painting a belated birthday gift for your Dad.

When you start painting a belated birthday gift for your dad, a dog comes up and runs away with your paint.

When the dog runs away with your paint, you run after him and he gets it all over his paws and you.

When he gets paint on you he runs over to your toddler who starts screaming.

When your toddler starts screaming he scares the guineas and roosters.

And when he scares the guineas and roosters he wakes up Uncle Tony.

Don't wake up Uncle Tony.

Stop procrastinating. Plan ahead.


The day turned out great despite the little sleep and early wake up call.  We got to visit some really important people. Like my aunt who is in a nursing home, my uncle who is so precious to me, and my cousin who just happens to be leading the number one store in the company right now. Praise the Lord for His favor and help! Also, we managed to finish the bird feeder the next morning... only inside out of Lucky's reach.

And despite the picture that looks like the dog was about the get Levi, Lucky never made it up into the van. Although Levi was scared of him for the rest of the day, by day's end they became friends. When Yucky, as Levi calls him, peed in the yard, a friendship began.