Monday, July 30, 2012

A Big Week in Adoption

We have been one of those families in this adoption journey who know the vague overview of the steps involved in adoption. As for the details we're simply following the lead of our agencies and jumping through the hoops they tell us when they tell us. Last week, our ignorance gave way to bliss. Instead of having to finish everything stateside before we can register with India, we are eligible to register NOW with a finalized home study and a few other documents. Today our home study was finalized.  

India's central adoption agency, CARA, opens registration the beginning of every month for 100 families to register. And the quota fills up fast we're told. Like within the first two days. The first of the month....that is Wednesday....and that is incredibly good news because India has been processing families quickly and matching them with the orphanage their child is in within about two months time! That means it is a possibility that if we are successful at being registered Wednesday we could know where our daughter is living by October! October!!! We could start learning the language, researching the area and learning about her care. We could know where she's waiting and we could pray down God's protection over that little place. 

So we invite you to pray with us that we would be registered successfully this week and that God would guide the India authorities clearly and carefully and give us favor with them

God controls all things. This week we're welcoming and asking him to control all things in this process. Thanks for asking him with us.


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So super excited for you all. God is so amazing and He definitely gives us peace in the waiting. We will be praying for you all.