Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shout-outs and an Adoption Update

With so much to share, we'll start here with our latest adoption update. A fourth India post is on it's way this week as well. In the meantime, if you have any extra time and would like to check out some pictures of our former home, check out Azerbaijan's latest accomplishment hosting Europe's 2012 Eurovision. We lived there for one year from 2006-2007 where Jason and I taught and learned to love another culture apart from our own. The year living there is weaving it's way into our adoption story as we are PRAYING and researching ways to get the fastest clearance from the government saying we did not abuse children while we lived there. It is proving quite the challenge and an unexpected hold-up in our process.

While we are getting paperwork ready, a friend of ours is in China learning and competing in a huge competition in Beijing. She needs votes and comments so anyone interested can check Tina out here and do the following:

1. Subscribe to the Official Channel: TheForeignersinChina
2. Find the video with her name: 柯依娜 ke yi na
3. Comment on the Video

And now for our update and latest God moment!

Faithful friends and family, 
We are making good progress toward gathering everything we need (documents, doctors appointments, online training hours, etc...) for our home study to be officially approved and sent on for final approval. Since last time we wrote we have had our 2nd of 3 total home study visits, completed the required doctor's appointments/lab tests and begun the ten hours of online training that is required as part of this process. 
The one thing we are still in very urgent need of is the document from Azerbaijan clearing us from any criminal record while we lived there. Please pray very specifically that we will receive this document very soon as it is the only remaining piece of this part of the home study that is out of our hands. 
God is due much praise for again providing financially for our doctor's appointments and lab work. For the three of us the total cost of our appointments and the required lab tests came to approximately $600. Our appointments were scheduled for Wednesday, May 30. On Tuesday, May 29 we received $600 completely unexpectedly from someone who is walking with us through this adoption process! God is so good to take care of the details of His plans!

Thanks for your prayers and praises to God with us! There is much more to come this week. Look forward to hearing from some of you, meeting with some of you and meeting back here more regularly.

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