Monday, June 11, 2012

Here Lately

Our phones are filled with pictures of life lately. Some are too fun not to share.

Azeri feast. A few weeks ago a few friends pitched in with us during Eurovision to celebrate, pray for Azerbaijan and enjoy their delicious cuisine. One of Jason's favorites is dolma, pictured at the bottom left. Add garlic yogurt sauce and he's a happy man. Also pictured, counterclockwise, is the national dish of plov, tandeer bread and Russian salad (stolichny). For dessert we enjoyed homemade baklava and piping hot tea!

Play group. Sometimes we actually make it to play group and this day Levi was elated. He LOVES all things trains and this family was overrun with train paraphernalia.

Our sunshine. Levi seems to be a morning person sometimes rising as early as 6:30 am. This was one Sunday morning getting ready for church.

Demolition. Last week work started cleaning up the apartments where we moved. The projects include major landscaping changes, grills and a fire pit out back, power washing, sealant and stray cat removal. :)

The Conference. Last week Jason attended a conference with Student Life staff from our university. They enjoyed cooler Indiana weather and came back with new perspective and renewed vision.

Friends. While Jason was away we spent lots of time with friends and shared many meals. I once nannied for Everett when he was Levi's age so it was fun to have him and his brother Lukas come hang out. 

We also enjoyed breakfast at the park with friends and playing in the sandbox. There are so many great parks in our area.

Da Da. It was great to welcome Jason back after his week away in Indiana. There's nothing like a dad and his boy reunited.

Celebrations. Sometimes in life we get to celebrate others. Yesterday was one of those days when we got to celebrate the work God is doing in a friend's life. Together Jason and his former youth pastor had the honor of baptizing a dear friend and former student. We celebrate the good work God is doing in Tara.

Big projects. And finally, this is birthday season for the extended Tegen family. Jason, his mom and brother decided to surprise their dad with a shed built from scratch. After hours and hours of intense labor, this was the incredible finished product before painting.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of life here lately. We are spending lots of time too online training for our adoption. By Wednesday we should know how we will proceed with Azeri documentation. Prayers are appreciated as we hope to find the swiftest route to the needed paperwork. We'll keep you posted. Thanks for grabbing shovels and talking to The Great Mountain Mover to see this huge mountain gone.

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The Frisk Five said...

Continuing in our prayers for you guys. Please pray for our family as well. We are in a humbling situation right now.