Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Hacky, Cellulitis and Delays

{Correction: For the record...and very important to Jason...He slid into third. My details were off and my softball knowledge is practically non-existent.}

Last Wednesday we should have dropped paperwork off at DHL and by this time it should be in process. But, last week we got a call from the Department of State that the document we were requesting would not suffice. Only an official clearance from Azerbaijan's Child Abuse Registry will be accepted. The problem is that, while Azerbaijan has reported they have a registry, no one can confirm they actually do. We have been working with the AZ consulate in D.C., U.S. Immigration, the Department of State, our agency, other agencies and the U.S. Embassy in AZ. No one has a clear answer. It's past the point of frustration and now is entering the slightly comical/bewilderment stage. How can it take so long to get an answer to what should be a simple question? We just shake our heads and check our emails hoping we have new word.

Immigration did email on Monday saying all indications are there is not a registry but that we must wait on official word from an AZ authority. So, we're waiting. And reading a few books to finish our last home study requirements.

In the waiting, Jason played a final game in this season's church softball league. When he slid into first third base, we earned a memento that has had him in terrible pain the last week. Yesterday, we finally decided the pain warranted a doctor visit and found out he's developed a case of cellulitis. The medicine is working and for the first time in a week the pain has diminished.

Also, we purchased a simple pool this week and just in time for the India-like weather that's on the way. Levi's loving the water, finally, after last year refusing to go near it. Today he learned the word burn when he kept sticking his nose in and sucking up water. "Bun," he'd say. But by the end he'd mastered maneuvering around in his knee-deep water.

And finally, it's been over a month since being back from India. I looked through pictures and videos today and even got to hang out with one of my girls. Remembering what a great group we had, I laughed hard at this video. We were a loud, crazy bunch in India. And although I tried to keep us conscious of our volume in public, I often felt like it was a no win battle with eight girls. :) So sometimes I joined them. 

Enjoy the craziness! Laughter is some of the best medicine...and we're trying to laugh a lot these days during the waiting!

Pretty sure she may kill me for posting this...


The Frisk Five said...

Always praying for u guys. Wish we were closer. We're trying to do a lot of laughing in our time of waiting as well. :)

Tetya Katya said...

Still praying that AZ has some answers for you soon, and for your precious girl waiting in India!