Monday, June 18, 2012

Climbing the Mountain: An Adoption Update

The last month dealing with this Azerbaijani clearance has been a pickle. And that is so mildly put.

Last week we went through a roller coaster of emotions when NO ONE could tell us exactly what type of clearance we need to get or if it even exists. We realize in adoption there is a lot of waiting. We just never thought we'd be waiting this early with no paperwork on the ground in India.

Our eyes are being opened wide by the Hague training we're doing and the reality of institutionalization and neglect on children are overwhelming. We are realizing more daily that this is not an easy calling or one to be entered into flippantly.

As of today emails are waiting in the inboxes of our immigration worker at USCIS, our home study worker, our Azeri friends who have SO AMAZINGLY translated formal document requests into Azeri (and given us in-country contacts), the Azeri consulate in Washington D.C. and another social worker with another agency who has Azeri contacts too.

The short version of the story is that no child abuse registry exists in Azerbaijan even though they were taken off of the official list of countries with no child abuse registry in April...making it appear they do have a registry. Severe cases of child abuse are documented through the police department so we wait for our contact at USCIS and our home study worker to confer and decide if we do or do not need a police clearance or if documentation of the above information from Azerbaijan will suffice. And then to get said documents....

I've prayed often for God to completely move this mountain that's in the way and I've cried wondering how He could be so clear about this little girl only to seem silent when we come to such a huge obstacle. I'm such a fickle human being. Today I was reminded that we walk by faith and not by sight. Three and a half years of clarity cannot be undermined by one month of silence. He has made it clear and we are praying as we climb this mountain.

We are hopeful we will hear something back tomorrow and will keep the blog updated as things progress. Also, we're excited to share some pictures from our budgeted, adoption-friendly vacation we just arrived back from tonight. We had just as much fun as an all-out trip at a fraction of the price. Tomorrow night we'll share how. :)

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The Frisk Five said...

Continually praying for you guys and your little girl in India.