Thursday, May 24, 2012

India, Part III: The Confirmations

On May 6, 2011 I wrote something I think I've shared here before: 
Tonight I have looked at adoption agencies, thought about how to expand our two bedroom apartment and added agency fees. Right now it seems impossible. But I have discovered the secret that with the one, true God, ALL things are possible. Granted, sometimes there is waiting involved. 
I remember writing that. At that time most adoption agencies were closing or temporarily shutting their programs. Adoptions were at a crawl. The age requirement was 30. We didn't have enough bedrooms. Thinking we'd someday adopt seemed so far in the far distant future. 

Little did I know that one year and one day later I would be sitting on a train heading out of Kolkata, India while my husband and parents worked back in America to move us into a three bedroom, two bath apartment. We would be well into the paperwork process of adopting. Little did I know agencies would have reopened their doors and a new, streamlined process would be in place in India. As I reflected on everything on the train, it seemed to me the God of the impossible was showing up. 

Sitting on the train the attendants brought us tea and biscuits and one of a wide variety of newspapers. I got The Hindustan Times. My front page article was about Hillary Clinton arriving in Kolkata just after we had. Our host called me on our team cell phone laughing that my good friend Hillary had followed us to India. Shampa laughs all the time. She has joy like no one I've ever met.

I read the Hillary article. But just below it was an article of much greater significance to me. On the front page of my paper (the paper I happened to get) was the article you saw come through in our twitter feed two weeks ago.

Look how minimal the Air India issues are in comparison to this GOOD NEWS! :)

These words were a miracle in black and white. An absolute turnaround from one year ago!! After I read it about eight times, I showed it to everyone I could and put the paper inside my purse right beside my passport. With God, all things are possible...and I plan to frame the tangible miracle to forever remind me (Matthew 19:26).

Because of all of the obstacles I was having with logistics, three times I thought to myself, "What in the world am I doing here? Take me home!" One was flying in to India after watching a sad movie missing Levi and Jason. The second was when our only credit card was cancelled with the bank saying there was nothing they could do. The third was the Saturday back in Kolkata when a thousand pounds of spiritual oppression and a looming flight cancellation hung over me. But that newspaper and eating, sleeping, breathing India trumped all of the hard moments. Really, apart from those few moments, I loved India. Maybe it was because I've heard God whisper India to me for three years. For whatever reason, my heart meshed with this place in a different way than it ever did with Zambia, Haiti or even Azerbaijan, where we lived for a year. Not to undermine those great countries, this was just different. This was our daughter's country.

I thought about her often. I heard horrible stories of girls being cursed, being offered as slaves to the temple priests, being left on the streets to fend for themselves, being dedicated to idols sealed with the mother's blood. I saw little girls sleeping on streets and I had one pull at my pocket for food. Truthfully, my God-given dream for ONE seemed SO, SO small. There are so many. I know adopting each one out is not the ultimate answer to this massive issue. But as I was convinced that God was calling us to bring home a girl from here, I comforted myself several times thinking our daughter was surely in an orphanage being fed and kept safe. I prayed for that to be the case.

I also prayed for an opportunity to hear Shampa's perspective on the matter. The last morning at breakfast I got my chance and she listened. You never know how a national will feel about a foreigner coming to take a child from their culture. I really wanted her honesty so when I finished, I asked. She simply said, "I absolutely understand why God would lead you to take a little girl from this place. This is such a hard, hard place for girls." And that was encouragement enough.  

We flew out of Kolkata at night and I took this picture. I feel like this trip stretched my faith enough to believe that all the money and documents will come. God moves mountains. I have The Hindustan Times to prove it! And the next time we see this city will be to pick up our daughter. I left India feeling very confirmed in that and deeply moved to pray for God to protect her and move mightily for so, so many other boys and girls. Many of them go through more than our minds can bear to conjure. 

May God send His presence and His angels to place hedges of protection around them. May He draw more people of India to experience His love. May He call His people to rise up and say, No more!

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Brandy Hanson said...

I'm not going to lie. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you Kelley and Jason! And for Levi. And for your daughter. God really does move mountains!