Friday, April 6, 2012

Matzo and More

On Monday I wondered if we could accomplish all there was to do this week. But sitting tonight in the deep woods of Georgia, we made it. Tomorrow the pace will pick up again with a second party for our baby who turned two on Wednesday and with Sunday celebrations over an empty tomb and a risen Lord!

We had the chance to step back in time Monday night and share the rich tradition of Passover that has helped us and our RAs better understand this Holy week.

Next up was speaking in chapel and being directed to change our message twenty minutes before we shared. {Gulp}. Good things happen when God does that...but the messengers often tremble when it does. 
Then came paperwork and lots of India discussion. Every Tuesday night I gather with six girls in the living room for meetings. This time included malaria meds from a visiting doctor and activity planning. Following that I had the great privilege of taking one of my girls for a late night out with friends for prayer and incredible inner healing. Priceless time!

And then, the big day arrived. Levi turned two on Wednesday and his language has developed enough for him to get excited about it. "Two, two," he giggled. I'll attempt to share all about that tomorrow with pictures from both parties and his video interview.

The rest of the week included a few great meetings with people, a few huge piles of laundry, and finally a late night drive down to Georgia. Even the air here feels restful. We're very appreciative. Tomorrow we'll have eggs and family and my mama's birthday pound cake!

On a final bah humbug note, we still haven't heard a word from our agency. Apparently they intend to take every nanosecond of the ten business days they gave themselves. Since they were off today, that should mean a call MondayI'm trying not to hold my breath. This is our first exercise in this long process of waiting in adoption, and I believe they are making a lesson out of it. Perhaps by the end Jason and I will be pros but on this week's exam I get a big, fat F.

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