Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life in the ER

Perhaps this is tacky but I'm sitting outside a friend's room in the ER. It's more than a little overwhelming. To work here must be absolutely terrifying.

Every time the doors opened out front I dared myself to look at the new horrors that entered. And while I thought the bloody mangled people would freak me the most, the man in the corner who looked like an ax murderer with no apparent malady was the most troubling. Little did I know that behind the white doors more sinister horrors awaited. People role by on stretchers, some give death moans through thick doors and others try unsuccessfully to puke up their lungs. This is no place for healthy people unless they need to increase their prayer lives...begging God to not let them catch what these people have.

Thankfully the student I am with is getting excellent care and doing much better minus the ninety viles of blood the nurse just left with. I've always thought you had to be healthy to survive the ER...but oh my dear goodness this healthy, super empathetic girl is feeling a bit nauseous from all the trauma. Thankfully it's now after midnight and some late night giddiness is setting in to counter the severity of the issues surrounding me.

Soon we'll be headed home with some good meds (for her, not me) and go to sleep thankful for health in our bodies. That is after we make it out of the lobby exhaling and praying continually that we don't catch this stuff.

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Martin LaBar said...

There go I, but for God's mercy.