Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Filling In the Blanks

Monday morning we mailed in our first payment and contract to officially begin the process of adopting. More paperwork followed to begin the application with our home study provider. The papers we've completed thus far are like mere sprinkles from the fire hydrant of questions and papers that are to come. And each time we sign, we're ultimately saying that we agree to lose all control in this process. That we willingly chose to walk this road without any guarantees. It's all quite unnerving with the exception that we've been given a sneak peek of who awaits us. And the giver of the glimpse is a pretty reliable source. ; )

All of this paper business wouldn't be possible were it not for some very significant events taking place in the last six months. So while filling in the pages we thought we'd also share the miracles that have happened to bring us to this point.

As you might recall in our sharing before, in order to adopt a girl we were desperately in need of another bedroom. I prayed God would make one appear. He didn't go for that. Instead, He intended a time of waiting.

Good things happen when we wait...even when the waiting is long.

We often break and then our hearts change. I personally was confronted with the need for repentance over seeking God's gifts instead of God Himself. Jason and I both had to choose our way and time. Some of our families' hearts even changed in favor of adoption. And then, in the waiting, our circumstances changed.  A new position on our campus opened up making it possible for us to move to a three bedroom, two bath apartment. The major details of job descriptions and finances that seemed impossible for this type of move all changed. And that was the open door to adoption we had been waiting for.

In May it will all be official. While I'm in India Jason will be assisted by family and friends to move us across campus and then the home study visits will begin. We'll miss the dorm community but are excited for this healthy change for our family. And excited we can now grow.

By next week we expect to start paperwork. In what is officially called the "paper chase" we'll collect 13 to 15 documents called a Dossier {dos-see-ay}. It can take anywhere from three to six months. But we're going for a world record. Stay tuned for our upcoming attempt at making the Guinness book.

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