Monday, April 30, 2012

Eye of the Storm

Wanted to take a few minutes to write from the eye of the storm. Lately I look around at our completely disheveled house and tell myself it's totally normal. We are, after all, ending a semester, leading a team to India on Friday, moving during those two weeks and in the middle of paperwork for an international adoption. Everyone's house would be this disorganized if their plates looked like that, right?

So what do you do with so much going on at once? Spend an afternoon at the lake with some very awesome RAs, of course, and spend the evening meeting with students. When life's a zoo why not add more animals, right? :)

Team India shared in church this morning for a bit before the afternoon's annual RA picnic. In 4 1/2 days we'll be on an airplane heading to Kolkata and every time I hear the number butterflies explode to life in my stomach. This is really happening and despite the Indian heat wave, it is going to be incredible!

But already, I think about these two faces and how badly I wish they were going on that plane with me. Everything makes me think of them. Even the pastor making up the word "dumb-ball" this morning. Levi is venturing into the world of compound words with his favorites, meatball and eyeball. He chuckles every time he says the last one and points to our eyes. I think he would have chuckled with me in church this morning.

Tonight they're both asleep and I am going to join them so I'll have energy to soak up every daylight hour we have together. Our plan is that I will update our twitter daily while in India and possibly post on our India blog when the team can make it to an internet cafe. We'll do our best to share what's happening during our twelve days. And when I get back we'll have much to share about our new living space and adoption progress. 

Keep us in your prayers for safety and speed for everything in the coming two weeks. We'll surely need it.

Blessings to you as you begin your May.

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