Saturday, March 31, 2012


Adoption. The waiting is starting but thankfully in short doses. Next week we learn if we have been approved by our agency followed by a contract and paper chasing for our homestudy. We'll keep updating as things progress.

Half Marathon. Three months of training ended in 2 1/2 hours of running today. Starting with six runners we ended with five as one girl had not been able to train because of her leading role in our school's Spring musical. All was well with the remaining five until an uphill, almost puke inducing twelfth mile. But now we can all say we've run a half marathon. Our thoughts can best be summed up at the finish line. 
Caroline and Nickie going strong
Jason, me and Becca pushing for the finish
India. Thirty-two days! With immunizations to get, the last 10% of our money to raise and activities to plan, we're busy and very excited. Check out our latest blogpost at

Levi. Our very grown up, almost two year old has a birthday coming up Wednesday and a new haircut for the occasion. He's expressing himself with lots of words. Many of which need decoding. Like ya-ya (Levi), Bah (Bear) and ya-yo (love you). We'll share pictures from his party this week and a fun video of his latest milestones. 

Playing at the sand volleyball court
Hope you're enjoying a great weekend! See you back here soon.

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