Friday, February 10, 2012

The Antibiotics Club

On Monday Levi completed his second round of antibiotics.  This was only after I shattered the bottle in the parking lot last Friday and had to buy a second $60 bottle for him to finish his final four days.  It was a day ruiner for sure.  But, Levi is finally cough free and has started sleeping in past 8 a.m. most mornings. For a toddler who is back to his charming self, the three bottles of antibiotic, thirty dollar humidifier and three doctor visits were totally worth it. 

But today the gift of gunk kept giving and I was at the doctor's office with a sinus infection that had the doctor saying, "oh my," when he checked my nasal passages.  So, in an effort to get better quickly, I too have joined the Antibiotics Club*.  This time, however, I did not pay $60.  Somehow, for the love of Publix, mine was free.  (Wish I'd known about that during my bummer of a Friday ordeal.)  I saw it as a total miracle and thanked the clerk profusely feeling slightly better about the doctor bill.  

To better get my money's worth from the day, I'll share a petrifying tidbit the doctor cautioned me on.  When I asked about using a neti-pot, he warned not to use tap water adding that two people have died from amoebas crawling into their brains. He was more scientific than that, but I made a note to share the news with those in the Neti-pot Club.  

Thanks to Jason's promptings to see the doctor this morning, I'm already starting to feel better tonight.  And Jason, though he's been incredibly busy with interviews for next year's RAs, is healthy as always and totally medicine free.  Hoping the same can be said for us all the rest of this winter season.  With nine more days of meds and a plastic bottle this time, we should be on course for it!

*I know some of you probably know great home remedies that could have prevented our antibiotic dependence. I cordially invite any All Natural Club members to share your knowledge.

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