Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Milestones: 18-21 Months

He's sleeping through the night, dancing to music, learning new words and wrapping college students around his chubby fingers. . . but we have few pictures or video to prove it.  Often when devices come out Levi does anything but act natural.  Maybe this is his latest milestone.  Here he is on a willing day...

So this time we'll share fun facts with pictures and video from the past months.

Weight:  29 pounds 
This was confirmed Thursday and Friday as we were at the doctor both days.   More on that later.
A common sight
Favorite foods: Fruit and juice 
But most definitely not vegetables

Favorite word(s):  Mama, juice and Nana

Favorite toy: Spatulas and other kitchen tools
Every time we read the nursery rhyme book and come to Rub-a-Dub-Dub he points excitedly at the baker who holds a spatula then runs to find his own in the kitchen.  Anyone else think that's a strange nursery rhyme?

Accomplishments:  Signing more, please, thank you, all done, and milk.
Saying mama, dada, pa pa, nana, juice, no no, uh oh, and attempting other words while understanding what seems like everything including his dad asking, "hey punk, you wanna fight?" and him shaking his head emphatically no.
He's currently working on thumbs up but is having trouble lowering his pointer finger so he sometimes walks around with what could be interpreted as a gun.
Funniest moment: Levi standing in the booth at Subway doing his chicken arm flap dance to the music playing.  
We tried to capture it on video but shy Levi appeared.

Kisses for a hurt Daddy
Most treasured memory: Uga muga and Family hugs
Recently Levi has been pulling my face to his as we rock at night.  We rubbed noses this night and in a nostalgic Mr. Roger's uga muga moment I whispered "I love you" to which Levi replied, "I woah woah."

During one of our many hug sessions I walked up to Jason and Levi and Levi put an arm around each of our necks for what began daily family hugs and kisses.  To date, if he finds me and Jason hugging he comes to wrap his arms around our legs and whimpers to be included.

At Grammy and Grandpa's
And, a milestone for mom.

Mama Intuition
I'm always a slow one at getting things.  Like mama intuition.  We've been thankful Levi has been so healthy his first 1 1/2 years of life to not need much intuition, but Wednesday after two weeks of a cold and cough, Levi's cough changed and I sensed something was wrong.  Thursday morning I took him to the doctor expecting to confirm my suspicion.  But Levi wouldn't cough for them and upon examination everything seemed fine.  So I went home with confidence shaken.  Still something seemed wrong.  And Thursday night he spiked a terribly high fever.  We were back in the office Friday morning and again they found nothing but a tylenol reduced fever.  As expected my crooping toddler refused to cough until the doctor left the room.  The doctor gave an antibiotic to at least make [me] feel better.  It made her feel better too because I got out of her hair.  I had decided I wasn't leaving the office without some significant meds.

Six doses of medicine later Levi is slowly returning to his old self and my confidence as my child's best doctor is growing.  Hurray for God-infused intuition and for a baby who's getting better!

At the lake on RA retreat

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