Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

Those who get Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day will appreciate this post. With our camera currently out of commission and a borrowed camera/iPhone to make do, we've tossed in Webster's words from the week for an interesting, partially fictitious story of the search for this year's lobby Christmas tree. Hope you enjoy the mayhem.

One by one the RA family jumped from their multi-purpose vehicle ready to find the perfect tree fit for a lobby. There were sapphires and pines and firs but mostly questions of where to start.  Plans formed with the tallest taking the scouting lead.  And scout he did with all his might.

The search took the team over hills and valleys to the darkest corner of the lot.  The tallest had not found the gargantuan, perfect tree they so eagerly sought. 

One clever gent decided the measuring compass might offer direction and much needed distraction.  Soon everyone took their turn.  That illusive tree stood somewhere waiting for discovery and each person secretly hoped they would be credited with finding it even if just for the satisfaction of others

genuflecting before them in awe. While some stood bemused by compass shenanigans, a small posse determined they would find the perfect tree before all the others.  And the little one would lead them. He was, after all, always glad to wander where he pleased.

Levi's hand-picked Charlie Brown.
His scouting expertise indeed led him to a tree just his size with branches more artistically arranged.  The adults termed it a Charlie Brown.  But to him it was perfect.  While some scratched their heads, Daniel the non-Wise (as opposed to Daniel Wise) spotted a beauty he thought the group would be sure to pick over the meager Charlie Brown.  In the blink of an eye he had the tree wrapped and loaded before the team could top the hill.  

But instead of coming empty handed and awestruck, the team came into view with multiple midget trees in tow.  Because Daniel the non-Wise, the little one, and multiple other RAs had all found "the perfect tree" this year.

- - -

And so, the two trees and many more Charlie Browns made it back to school where their perfection is currently on display.  One for the lobby, one for the little one's room and one for each RAs room.  Each one perfect in the eye of their beholder.   

The beauty Levi's beholding complete with homemade baked shape ornaments.
And some decorated ratherly perfectly if we do say so ourselves.  

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