Monday, December 19, 2011

Music, Mourning and Hope

I typed this out yesterday on Jason's iPhone but in the middle of starting to post realized we were lost and I had the map on the phone. So, our update from yesterday now that we found our way to Myrtle Beach and then to our Georgia family...

Perhaps it's rotten timing to share this but playing in our car as we drive and I type is perhaps the best Christmas music on the planet. It's obviously a biased opinion but it was one solidified after waiting a year and a half to hear it live. Friday night we beheld the wonder of Christmas through an exquisite mixture of vocals, strings and percussion. The only thing that disappointed was it being over. But, the good news here is that it's an album crescendoing from the beginning stories of Genesis to the Gospels that totally works to play year round. Good, good news for all, friends.

The extraordinary Jill Phillips and Andrew Peterson
Today we're traveling with a friend down to Myrtle Beach to mourn the passing of a friend and fellow school grad who gave his life for the Gospel overseas.

We grieve deeply for his passing but are incredibly thankful for hope intermingled in the sadness.

Glory to Jesus, ancient and strong
Giver of love and the theme of my song

Glory to Jesus, ancient and strong
Come to your people, carry us home

Behold our broken hearts
And gather us beneath your wings tonight
Son of God, Son of Man

-Andrew Peterson

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