Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful in Our Walk of Faith

Before Jason and I married we spent some time considering a very important question, "Could God use our lives more effectively together than separately?"  We often challenge dating couples to consider that question.  While we knew the significance of marriage we never fully understood the multilevel powerhouse that the union of a man and woman under God represents.  When Levi joined us our hearts ached for children not nurtured and protected by both Mom and Dad as we've seen Levi thrive under God's family structure.  I was reminded in a post by the CEO from "our agency" of many waiting for that protection and encouraged thinking about those now thriving in it:
This Thanksgiving season, I’m thankful for the adoptive families that are waiting eagerly and expectantly during a process that is taking much longer than it should.  I’m thankful for the families who have saved and sacrificed for an adoption process when money is tight and our nation’s economy is stagnant.  I’m thankful for the families who faithfully and obediently follow God’s call to adoption, even though it doesn’t logically make sense.  And even though thousands of orphans remain homeless, I’m thankful that the 9,320 children who found families through intercountry adoption this past year will have a Thanksgiving in which their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, moms and dads will look at them and say, “I’m thankful for you this year.”
We long to bring children into our home but now we are in a holding pattern.  Our hearts are thankful for this season even though we look forward to the time it will come to an end allowing us to proceed forward.  But in the waiting, God has been giving incredible gifts.  

I was in chapel just over a month ago when God opened a door.  Over and over I had the thought of taking a girls' trip to India this May, but there were no obvious avenues to get there.  So I told God about it.  Every time the thought came.  

The avenue appeared in chapel one day and as the director talked to me afterward asking me to lead the team to India (he had no idea what I'd been thinking), I was encouraged that I was to take this team.  Soon the door closed with the first organization but I was sure this trip was supposed to happen and certain another option would emerge.  There were other possibilities but one night huddled around the computer screen watching videos with a student, one Youtube video led to another and unexpectedly an organization made it's way to the screen with the residual effect of my heart pounding inside me.  I emailed to ask if teams could come to visit and to my surprise they only had one opening in May, which so happened to be the only week we could come.  Additionally, the director wrote me with a sweet message inviting us to come for that week even though others were requesting the same time.  This was God-ordained.

The organization works throughout the country and we simply requested to use our education degrees/training to love on orphans and vulnerable children.  Slowly a team of girls began to form and we got our assignment:  two centers serving children in neighboring states.  We were going to India!!

Team India
One of the centers teaches seventy-five children from the lowest caste system.  Children from Hindu backgrounds who would never have an education otherwise.  And the other I discovered is a vocational center reaching out to one hundred children coming from various backgrounds. And this incredible vocational center, as it turns out, is located in Kolkata, India!! 

So in May, the girls and I {while Levi stays with Jason} will travel for a week and a half stay in India teaching, playing and loving on kids with a portion of that time spent in the heart of Kolkata serving orphaned children.  

It's a most unexpected surprise worthy of great thanks to God!  Here's the video of the precious lady we'll get to work alongside and of the children we'll teach.   You can view it here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as you give thanks for God's many blessings!  We're enjoying time with both families and with an abundance of friends and sweets {hooray}.  Thankful certainly sums up our hearts today.  We hope you find yourself in that same place.   

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