Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Recently I came upon a book that I rushed out to buy and couldn't put down.  Each chapter left indentions on my heart because God was molding me through the words.  And then I did what anyone who finds a good book does.  I talked about it a whole lot and bought a crazy amount of copies to hand out.

Sick students waiting to see a doctor and Levi's new hideout.
Last week and this one have been a blur of activity.  All-night trips to the emergency room with students, bats in the stairwell, crazy haircutting sprees, Homecoming, incredible moments with God, callings to obedience (and I say amen to this post), Levi's new toddler room, working through student issues, football on the lawn.  The list goes on.

An intimidation haircut for Saturday's Cross Country race.
This year has really been one that stands out.  We predicted it, didn't we?  All because God did some incredible heart work in me this summer and has both Jason and myself at a place of being totally present in the here and now.  It could be likened to reading a really challenging book with rich, shaping chapters. And taking in every single word before moving on to the next one.  We are so thankful for the current chapter God's writing this year.  Just plum thankful.

And since we're talking about chapters, might we recommend a really amazing book?  =]

You can one order by clicking here.
Looking forward to sharing a sweet surprise from our current chapter soon...and a few more awesome book recommendations!

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