Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catching Up

We load pictures on our computer often and they sit there.  Not in books, not printed and not shared. Because when we get behind it's sometimes hard to figure out where to start to catch up.  Add a little one who loves to get into everything, lots of college students who stop by and one disorganized mama.  The results are good but undocumented times.

Today in an effort to catch up and stay there, here are some favorite photos from the last few weeks.
Michelle and Levi having an afternoon chat.
Learning about the adventures that await him when he's older
Grammy and Grampy
One of our few smiling pictures
Sheer joy
Jason's 28th birthday bash

An overnight trip to the mountains
Enjoying leaves with friends Daniel and Amanda.  (And Phil and Kath who aren't pictured.)
Our ride until it sells for a good price.  :)  We also still have our multi-purpose vehicle (i.e. van). ;)
Our little bear
Happy catching up to you too as you welcome the new month.  During November we'll also catch you up on something we've been quiet about for some time:  India.  We hope to start sharing this week!


While I'm Waiting said...

Could Levi be more precious?! I miss seeing you guys, I wish it could be on a weekly basis. You are wonderful and bless my life with your encouraging words of faith! I'm always excited to read more.

Love, Alicia

Martin LaBar said...

That photo of the mountains is gorgeous.