Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's 5 am and I've been up for some time on the couch with Levi who has ceased full night slumbers. We're blaming two traumatizing shots from a week ago since they directly coincide with his regression.  But I am happy to report that he has been sleeping for hours beside me complete with leg slung over my belly and hand clasping my arm.  Sweet moments hours.

Before my eyes become any blurrier and my chances of overcoming the Saturday nap urge disappear, just wanted to share a few pictures of our weekends.  In some form or another, the last four weekends have been wrapped around retreats.  Some were getaways and others had specific purpose.  Last Saturday we were up early for Jason to saw down a tree before starting a day of festivals and outdoor excursions with extended family.  And for many of the latter pictures, we thank Cousin Alicia who joined us with her family hiking to waterfalls, attending a pumpkin festival and driving down winding roads to an incredible overlook.

Now for a bit of sleep before this weekend officially kicks off with a Coats for Kids Auction and some afternoon apple picking.  In all of the travels and searching the past few weekends, we've noticed the sad reality of the increasingly endangered candied apple.  And hopefully after tomorrow's harvest, we'll do our part to bring these precious Fall treats back from the brink of extinction.  Photos of that blessed event to come!  :)

Happy weekending!

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Grammy Harrell said...

What a wonderful start to a Sat. morn! Loved ALL the pictures! Of
course, our baby Levi "tops the cake"! I love to get pictures!
Can't remember you getting as many shots as Levi! Be glad when he's finished!!!!
Love & Kisses