Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Note from Georgia

We're in GA for the weekend on a spontaneous trip to see family.  Until we can get back and upload pictures of perfectly coated candied apples, southern "snow", and Levi exploring down South, I'll share a positive moment from our tiny kitchen recently.

Over a pile of dishes a week or so ago, I grumbled to the Lord about the bad attitudes I carry sometimes and questioned verbally where impatience comes from.  "Why would You have allowed for selfishness and impatience to have a place in humans?  {And I literally said this to Him...}  I know the Sunday school answer with satan and the fall but that's not cutting it.  Where does it come from in Your children?" 

I then heard the voice of God because the answer shocked me with it's brilliance. 

"It comes from My absence." And just like the incredible Jesus answers we read about, here was an answer containing both the problem and the solution.  It's an answer I've shared with many people in the last two weeks and wanted to share with you.

As I've remembered this and come to God with many deep things lately, His answers have been sweet medication for my needy soul even to the point of being the most healing words in scripture that He could have set before me at the time I needed them most.  He is good and wise and better to us than we could ever deserve.

I pray your seeking Him leads you, too, to sweet answers your soul has been needing to hear.

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