Sunday, October 2, 2011

Milestones: 14 to 17 Months

He's walking, babbling with intonation and showing lots of personality. Like these recent screen shots at Nana and Grandpas.

We've been capturing developmental milestones over the past few months and are happy to share a self-feeding, high-fiving little toddler.  But the latest milestone may just be the greatest of Levi's accomplishments.

While we treasure every milestone, sleeping through the night is HUGE and just after we'd concluded prayers for children to sleep were on the "no" answer list. At almost eighteen months Levi had slept about ten nights ever through the night and never more than two consecutively. Last Friday night on a retreat in a one-room cabin with our RAs Levi slept so horribly that Jason drove over two hours just to take him to the grandparents. But Sunday night as we returned, gave him his bath and tucked him in bed beside his mini zoo of bears, he slept. All night. And every night since.  Thank you to the grandparents for pulling out the magic sleep dust.  The world is a brighter place at 7 am after a full night's sleep and life is better for everyone at Tegen Central these days.

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who voted for our new night sleeper!  While it doesn't look like we won, some really cute kids did!  We'll look forward to seeing the official winners later this month.

For tonight, we're sprinkling some dust on our own pillows as we'll be up early heading to the mountains {it's Fall break} to enjoy some cooler weather, mountain thickets and plush hotel rooms.

Hope your week goes well!


The Frisk Five said...

SUPER CUTE!!!! I can't believe he is that old already. Miss you guys.



While I'm Waiting said...

I loved watching this video today at work! I hope you guys continue to do these Milestone videos throughout his whole life at home! They are precious keepsakes.