Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kitchen Tales

Once upon a time (a time not so long ago) in a town located equally between two large cities, a girl was enjoying a new full-sized, glass top stove purchased as a surprise from a darling, thoughtful, incredible (are you reading this, husband?) boy.  It was the first full-sized stove she'd ever had in six years of marital bliss.  And today this stove would perfectly cook homemade dinner rolls and a delectable chocolate cake for dinner with some friends.  But cocoa and milk and butter boil quickly and during the process started spilling on the glass top.  Somehow the girl was surprisingly quick removing the pot, turning off the burner and using water to stop any burning.

And all was well.


Lurking just behind her shoulder high up on the wall, a plastic bloodhound barked out the cry and soon the message traveled to EVERY bloodhound in EVERY room of the whole five story building.  "Trying to cook?" their ear-piercing "bonk, bonk, bonk" mocked with flashing lights to seal the discovery.  And soon, voices yelled from the stairwells as students filed like ants.  And because the cocoa-induced fire drill with students on the lawn was not enough, the voice of the bloodhounds traveled all the way into town.  And minutes later, with maintenance men running to and fro, the Mac Daddy bloodhound cried out with loud bellows all the way from the fire station to the, now empty, five-story building with sirens and lights blaring the whole way.  And the boy in the story, remember the darling, dashing, super wise, ever-compassionate boy, discovered that men riding in Mac Daddy bloodhounds do not like false alarms nor do they sympathize that milk and cocoa and butter boil quickly.

And with that, the girl hid in her kitchen while the brave boy took care of the chaos outside.  And she did not let the stove top leave her sight until the chocolate cake was delectable and the homemade, pull apart rolls were perfect.

And that they were!  Perhaps even more-so after the almost thwarted effort by a gang of plastic bloodhounds hovering eager to sound the cry of something gone awry.       

Photo Courtesy of Country Living

And, if you'd like to thwart the plans of your own bloodhounds, 
try the cake for your family and friends here

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Dad and Mom Harrell said...

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! Dad said you
sure have a way of expressing your-
self with words!! That book your are thinking about writing doesn't need to stay on the "back burner" too long. (no pun intended) :)
Love Ya!