Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Voting for Shoes

Calling all obliging friends. The photo of a little blonde-headed boy is up on a kids' footwear site. There are thousands of other cute faces there too. We entered a contest to win a $700 gift certificate for shoes from the company. While visions of Levi walking in-style float through my head, we know of other cute faces down the road from us who wear misfitting, ratty shoes every day. But, by our estimates, a $700 gift certificate could allow at least thirteen kids to wear the highest quality shoes for their developing feet.
Here's where the obliging comes in. We'd love to at least share the opportunity with you for Levi and twelve others to get a pair of shoes for winter. Voting starts tonight and goes through October 2nd. You can vote once per day.

Visit the website here, search for Levi and keep clicking through October 2nd.

{Thank you sweet Laurin McDowell for your pic of our boy.}

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The Frisk Five said...

Just voted. What a sweet face. :)