Saturday, September 17, 2011

Diary of a Week

Because a smorgasbord of things filled last week, we'll share our "diary" of sorts to catalog them for you.

While most days are filled with people floating in and out of our house, lunch dates in the cafeteria and nap times in the afternoon, this day looked a lot more like running full speed in all directions. First up was breakfast and pictures by our sweet friend Sarah. Love this incredibly talented girl! Check out her website here.

Next came preparations for Levi to stay with Nana and Grandpa and for us to pull an all-nighter. Forty people would join us and twelve would make it all the way to sunrise. We prayed through the night and didn't even get sleepy. It was Jason's first time ever staying awake that long. (He's not a night person and that is an understatement.)

It truly was an awesome under-the-stars, around-the-campfire, huddled-in-prayer-cabins night of prayer!

To be wide-eyed all night, we crashed hard. Bodies were not meant to be up all day and all night. It will probably take ours a few days to recalibrate.

Cartwheels and Spiritual Emphasis, a perfect combination. Maybe next time we'll be doing the cartwheels after spiritual emphasis though I think many could have after the awesome sense of God's presence among us. Here we're trying to teach a few girls the lost art of cartwheeling.

Farewell visit to Levi's great-grandparents soon departing for Florida then Spiritual Emphasis today with a family date to Chick-fil-a just before.

Tuesday. Major soreness. Entering the second week of P90X with college girls has my quads yelling at me with every move. An hour of plyometrics will do that to a never-been-in-shape-in-my-life body. This stuff is INTENSE and ever so bonding as you lay covered in sweat dying alongside other girls.

Homemade scones and back-to-back-to-back meetings with friends and students. It's one-on-one week with resident assistants and that means meeting with eight different students in one week besides other planned and mandatory meetings. And don't forget Wednesday night Bible and prayer at our place. Add mozzarella sticks with marinara for dipping and it's a good, good night.

Levi is doing so much these days. We have a milestone video coming sometime next week but besides communicating like crazy, today he learned to make soup. The toilet was his pot and his hand the spoon. : (
(Sorry Misty and Jacob. I didn't know how to throughly clean a plush toy. Peanut man met trash man.)

Every night this week we were in bed at midnight or after with lots of other things we didn't even record here. But this night was for more good reasons such as a late night talk hearing someone's story and final preparations for a prayer retreat for women from our church. So glad to finally have finished the video for the event and have all speaking notes down. One day you just might read my obituary with cause of death, procrastination.

Now for the weekend. The prayer retreat, Grammy and Grandpa Harrell arriving from Georgia, and of course, the Clemson game. Happy weekending!

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The Frisk Five said...

Sounds like a full week. Many prayers to you. By the way, I did P90X almost 2 years ago. It was awesome; stick with it. Miss you guys.