Monday, August 15, 2011

Yearly Forecast

Male voices bellowed up the stairwell Friday, "party in the lobby." An unplanned flash mob soon appeared and performed synchronized moves. Such a fun group!

Today is Sunday and our silent lobby now constantly rings of ping, pong, ping and of voices making introductions, of girls laughing nervously and of those playing it cool like they've got this whole college thing figured out. In the middle of it all is a little boy squealing with delight. He likes the change and the attention.

The air is filled with promise making our fifth year more exciting than ever. Resident Assistant training with all of the food prep and teaching went smoothly. Team unity emerged and even a growing sense of family as we attended a Hillsong United concert in the week where some moments we half expected Jesus to descend through the ceiling.

We'll have a lot to share this year from a host of awesome people. Below are our photos for the year's Angry Birds theme. Someone had to be the evil pigs so we volunteered. Notice that cute little piglet in the corner.

The time now is 11:57 pm. It's after quiet hours but far from bedtime for most. Chairs scrape the floor above us, people laugh outside our door and the ping, pong is ever steady. Some have expressed sympathy for our family living in a small apartment in a college dorm made up mostly of freshmen. But five years into this thing, we're awed by the incredible position we find ourselves in. There are beautiful possibilities here and this year we're looking to make the most of every single God-given one.

We're calling it. It's gonna be a good, good year!

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The Frisk Five said...

Sounds like an awesome time.