Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The School of Men

I grew up an only child with girl cousins as sibling surrogates. Rarely did I ever have a peek into the heart and perspective of a man. Granted, now I've had six years of intense man schooling and a few elective courses on mini men through nannying and now mommying. But to this day, guys still perplex me.

I spent the weekend with three minis and one fully grown. I watched about forty half-dressed collegiate men run from the bushes with sticks and war paint at a recent soccer game, and I spent some time with four guys, a sword and a daggar. What makes guys come alive can be so much different that girls. And, sometimes, I've noticed, it can be the same.

Tonight while typing I can hear voices through the closed door to our living room. A group of men are meeting to study and pray. They pray to be stronger leaders and better men.

I've been scrambling to take down notes this week. Being married and a mom means there are pop quizzes all the time. While I don't have the subject even close to mastered, I'm doing my homework. And this week class has been all but boring.


The Anderson Family said...

My sister often says that when she gets to heaven, she plans to ask God why men and women are so different. I too was raised with 2 sisters and find men/boys to be quiet strange creatures. lol

The Frisk Five said...

This is so very true. My boys have taught me so much and then my little girl turned all that around.