Friday, August 5, 2011

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Months and months ago we got a call. I was surprisingly calm and surrendered. An adoption agency had somehow approved us to adopt from India even though we didn't meet the age requirements. Thirty is the minimum. Jason is twenty-seven.

But the agency was small and pricey. And the website, we'll be honest, was a little sketchy. Add to this the issue of adopting before the age requirements and we landed at an uneasy place. As we sought God, we felt Him say "wait" followed by a nudge to pursue fostering and possible adoption through DSS. We were ready and willing. And we were equally excited that during the praying, Jason felt God confirm in his heart our daughter from India and felt an urgency to pray for her.

Our DSS process began with everyone approving us even though we live in a dorm. An amazing DSS worker confirmed the need for loving foster families. The poking and prodding, read exorbitant amounts of money, left us with three pieces of paper to satisfy the authorities, "they're healthy as horses." And now our latest welcome-to-foster-care adventure has been replacing a window for our old dormitory bedroom. Not as easy as our initial speculations.

To date, these have been our steps.

But three months ago when we were in the throws of making decisions about work and adopting and fostering, I prayed asking for direction. And God spoke.

"Wait three more..."

Three more months, God? Three more years? Three more what, God?

"Wait three more."

When it comes to waiting don't we all hope for the shorter option? And this time my spirit sensed he did indeed mean months. So I counted forward. May to June. June to July. July to August. Something in August. And so, I told Jason and we waited not knowing what we were exactly waiting for.

Today is August 5th. And it is the day, a least in part, that we've been waiting for.

In August the Indian authorities released updated information on their adoption requirements. And now, in what we see as a complete miracle, you must be between twenty-five to fifty-five years old to adopt from India.


I had to read the words and call an adoption agency to convince myself my eyes were working. But, according to an incredibly reputable agency, the age requirement has changed. And in August.

So what does this mean for us? We're asking the same questions. We can't pretend we know where she is. America? India? Or that we have the bedroom space we need to be approved, but we know that one huge obstacle has been removed should she be in India.

We wanted to include you in the beautiful miracle God gave us today and ask for continued prayers as we travel this road to find and bring home our sweet girl.

Thanks for journeying and believing with us. We'll keep you posted.

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Martin LaBar said...

Thanks for sharing this. God help you (and her).