Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Seven Wonders

This list we've been compiling mentally during Levi's toddling around the house and campus. Most days, you'll find him enjoying these activities. So, in no particular order, please enjoy the Seven Wonders of Levi's World.

{Even sans monkey, he's still in love. But the day monkey parted ways with paci was a sad, sad day.}

{Among his favorites: fruit, fruit and more fruit.}

{And just yesterday he sat all on his own!}

{Sorry, we saved the world's cutest 'cheeks' for our viewing only.}

{He's a professional at this.}

Remote Controls
{Every house we enter he scouts out this popular item.}


Not making the top seven but trailing closely behind were sticks, an iPod shuffle container, phones and dirt (especially that surrounding our houseplants).

And the theme of every wonder is the greatest God-made wonder of our world: Master Levi.

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Amanda Almond said...

I love that baby boy! I miss hugging him and seeing the worlds cutest cheeks! ;) Be jealous all of you who haven't gotten to! I guess that's what happens when you live in the same building and offer to change diapers! lol! He's such an incredible image bearer of the Father! Thanks for sharing the pics! Much love from China!