Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pressing In, Here

Last Sunday night, about this time, we slipped our feet under the covers feeling both relieved and revived from the five miles that took us far from people and up close to God's fingerprints.

We spent a majority of this week at home in the good place of catching up, cooking, napping and picnicking.

Levi helped out with some work too. That was while he wasn't playing with his new favorite toy, a milk carton, and strewing things throughout the house.

We tuned in to some great teaching here, danced around to Hillsong here, were challenged in our parenting here, and then we cooked some more to welcome soon-to-be family member Justine and her family here {where we live}.

Then the weekend came. With tragic news of Jason's childhood friend losing his life prematurely, the excitement of both the past and coming week has been overshadowed with a lot of silence and heaviness. And here we are thankful to know of a gracious Father, a selfless Son and an ever-present Holy Spirit that asks us to press in to Him both now and in the coming days when He will ask us to actively give an account of the precious hope that we have so that others might hope as well.

So tonight we pack the bags quietly and print the tickets solemnly as Jason prepares for his long-awaited brother bonding trip to the Rockies. When younger brother Travis graduated from college and Jason found out about an opportunity to reconnect at Kingdom Building Ministries, the decision was made to speak into his brother's life by stepping on a plane and heading West. So tomorrow the official speaking begins accompanied by a whole lot of fun. And while he's there, the wife and wee one will take a trip of their own. Pictures and tweets to come.

But for tonight, we'll slip our feet under the covers feeling not as tired in body but heavier in spirit from the week behind as we walk into the week ahead. Thanks for joining us, here. Hope your week is filled with renewal and much pressing in.


Martin LaBar said...

Enjoy! (And be renewed.)

The Frisk Five said...

Praying for you both. Miss you a lot!