Sunday, July 24, 2011

Notable Quotes

Oh, Colorado pictures. Will they ever come?

Three kids under two, four days and two dear friends later, just have time for a quick word.

Today brought some great quotes our way. Thought you might enjoy.

Everything's better with hummus.

Heard at an Israeli restaurant today. Beets, there might be hope for you.

When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that firefighters use water.

Seen on a real estate sign. Already had an attitude check just remembering this quote.

If you have extra time and want to read some encouraging words about kids finding families and hope (couldn't we all use some encouraging words about kids being nurtured!), check out a new blog favorite.

Happy reading and firefighting.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food for Thought

Sunday night we swooped back in from our separate points on the map: pristine Colorado and so-southern Alabama. It's incredible to get away to luxurious hotels and have maids fluff your pillows every day. Not to mention getting to spend time with some amazing people. But I realized while there and when returning that something in me just isn't right with that sort of living. My thoughts are often so sobering. Does anyone else have this phenomena? They are constant thoughts that won't let my heart rest. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to rebel against the natural just for rebellion's sake but I do want purposeful living. So here are a few of the very real questions I have constantly with a few thrown in to slightly alter the intensity scale.

Is it possible for a kid's birthday party to celebrate the life and still foster generosity? Or, can they only be "bring the biggest, best presents and lots of them because I deserve everything" kind of parties without thought of others who have nothing?

If I would manage to quit spending my time trying to figure out the latest technology and fashions, what sort of productive things could fill my waking hours and have impact that would last past the next season into eternity?

Can I ever teach Levi what sound an elephant makes? Any attempt sounds like a bad car horn at best. Answer: No. Elephants, in our home, don't make noise. And that's right along with zebras and alligators and a host of others.

If a man on crutches and a woman approach a door at the same time, who should open the door?

When will I learn to stop wishing to love people well across the ocean and start doing it for the people right around me?

What is the balance of saving and planning and yet recklessly following God with abandon? Is there a balance? Am I sometimes an American Christian yet not a Biblical Christian?

How can I shop today and eat, for that matter, knowing that an estimated 10 million people have been affected in east Africa by the worst drought in more than half a century? Why has this torn my heart apart so much? What can I do?

But just to look at me you'd never know these questions are constantly swirling. Because we had an incredible time in Alabama at a conference and with family. And Jason in Colorado. (His pictures are much more incredible than mine and are coming soon.) We had fun. We spent money. We visited the nursing home where my aunt lives and we faced death at every door. And, the calling to purposefully living got even stronger.

So how do I answer these hard questions and harder still, how do I implement them in my daily comings and goings? Perhaps when I have answers I'll share them here or if you have the answers you can share. Until then they will be my constant cud that I sometimes divulge.

Thanks for caring to listen to my sharing...even the intense parts.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pressing In, Here

Last Sunday night, about this time, we slipped our feet under the covers feeling both relieved and revived from the five miles that took us far from people and up close to God's fingerprints.

We spent a majority of this week at home in the good place of catching up, cooking, napping and picnicking.

Levi helped out with some work too. That was while he wasn't playing with his new favorite toy, a milk carton, and strewing things throughout the house.

We tuned in to some great teaching here, danced around to Hillsong here, were challenged in our parenting here, and then we cooked some more to welcome soon-to-be family member Justine and her family here {where we live}.

Then the weekend came. With tragic news of Jason's childhood friend losing his life prematurely, the excitement of both the past and coming week has been overshadowed with a lot of silence and heaviness. And here we are thankful to know of a gracious Father, a selfless Son and an ever-present Holy Spirit that asks us to press in to Him both now and in the coming days when He will ask us to actively give an account of the precious hope that we have so that others might hope as well.

So tonight we pack the bags quietly and print the tickets solemnly as Jason prepares for his long-awaited brother bonding trip to the Rockies. When younger brother Travis graduated from college and Jason found out about an opportunity to reconnect at Kingdom Building Ministries, the decision was made to speak into his brother's life by stepping on a plane and heading West. So tomorrow the official speaking begins accompanied by a whole lot of fun. And while he's there, the wife and wee one will take a trip of their own. Pictures and tweets to come.

But for tonight, we'll slip our feet under the covers feeling not as tired in body but heavier in spirit from the week behind as we walk into the week ahead. Thanks for joining us, here. Hope your week is filled with renewal and much pressing in.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Seven Wonders

This list we've been compiling mentally during Levi's toddling around the house and campus. Most days, you'll find him enjoying these activities. So, in no particular order, please enjoy the Seven Wonders of Levi's World.

{Even sans monkey, he's still in love. But the day monkey parted ways with paci was a sad, sad day.}

{Among his favorites: fruit, fruit and more fruit.}

{And just yesterday he sat all on his own!}

{Sorry, we saved the world's cutest 'cheeks' for our viewing only.}

{He's a professional at this.}

Remote Controls
{Every house we enter he scouts out this popular item.}


Not making the top seven but trailing closely behind were sticks, an iPod shuffle container, phones and dirt (especially that surrounding our houseplants).

And the theme of every wonder is the greatest God-made wonder of our world: Master Levi.